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Best Apps Similar to qBittorrent

Best Apps Similar to qBittorrent

qBittorrent is a cross-platform Bittorrent client that comes with a variety of features. It has a built-in search engine for finding .torrent files from both local sources and the web.


uTorrent is a lightweight, efficient, and easy to use BitTorrent client. It offers a fast download speed and a very small memory footprint. Less resource-intensive than other BitTorrent clients, this program is a good choice for users with low-end machines.


BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer application for downloading large files quickly. It is a well-known protocol for transferring large files. BitTorrent is a protocol for file sharing that was invented by Bram Cohen in 2001.


Bitcomet is a free and easy to use bittorrent client. You can download files in parts from the web, paste the links from a browser, or paste a list of magnet link.


Tixati is a bittorrent client with a user-friendly interface. It offers a variety of features such as global and per-torrent speed limiting, intelligent file prioritization, and support for download queueing.

18 Nov 2021